O Kroger, Where Art Thou?

One of the blog's first major efforts was to create a series of posts illustrating all of Kroger's known décor packages from around the 1980s to present day. Later, the series grew to include some spreadsheets as well, documenting the stores in the Memphis metropolitan area and the entire state of Mississippi, respectively. Additional Kroger posts may come in the future, too... so keep an eye out for the graphic above! (Note that this series covers only posts marked with the "O Kroger" graphic.)

The list below contains all of the blog's posts falling under the O Kroger, Where Art Thou? banner, up to July 2020. It will be updated periodically to reflect more recent posts in the series.

March 2015 -- O Kroger, Where Art Thou? - Metro Listing
April 2015 -- Kroger Millennium Décor
June 2015 -- Kroger Neon and Wannabe Neon Décor
June 2015 -- Kroger Script (Cursive and Block) and Fresh Fare Décor
July 2015 -- Kroger 2012 and Marketplace Décor
July 2015 -- Kroger Bauhaus and Acquired Décor
April 2016 -- Kroger For Goodness Sake/Olympic Spirit Décor
November 2017 -- O Kroger, Where Art Thou? - Mississippi Listing
November 2019 -- O Kroger, Where Art Thou? - Arkansas and Non-Metro TN/KY/MO Listing
November 2019 -- O Kroger, Where Art Thou? - Full Delta Division Store List
July 2020 -- Contributor Post: Kroger Remodel(s) in Madison, MS

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