Monday, March 23, 2015

O Kroger, Where Art Thou? - Memphis Metro Listing

Today's post highlights Kroger stores from the Memphis metro, i.e. Shelby County, TN, Tipton County, TN, DeSoto County, MS, and Crittenden County, AR.

Finally, what you've all been waiting for! The Kroger posts have begun. This post, the first in the series (for more information see my other post from today please), is the list of all stores (and their respective décors) in the Memphis metro area, as provided by, with store numbers since added courtesy of an anonymous commenter. Since putting tables in Blogger is like putting a square peg in a round hole, any updates to this post will be solely made in the comments section. :)  Latest actual update to the table - September 2nd, 2023

Delta DivisionKroger Store AddressMetro CityCurrent Décor Formerly...
Store #3396660 Poplar AvenueMemphis, TNfresh and localfresh fare, bauhaus
Store #387240 New Byhalia RoadCollierville, TNartisanurban mix, script, unknown
Store #3938039 U.S. Highway 51 NorthMillington, TNfresh and localmillennium
Store #4014770 Riverdale RoadMemphis, TNremix2012, millennium, neon
Store #4021759 Union AvenueMemphis, TNurban mixrebuilt on site of former Seessel's store
Store #404465 Stateline Road WSouthaven, MSremix2012, bauhaus
Store #4055995 Stage RoadBartlett, TN2012 (?)millennium, neon
Store #410676 N Germantown ParkwayCordova, TNMarketplacescript, neon
Store #4151366 Poplar AvenueMemphis, TN2012millennium, wannabe neon
Store #4197735 Farmington BoulevardGermantown, TNartisan2012, Schnucks
Store #4252632 Frayser BoulevardMemphis, TNfresh and localscript, neon
Store #4261675 North Germantown ParkwayCordova, TNremixmillennium
Store #430540 South Mendenhall RoadMemphis, TNMarketplacefresh fare, millennium, neon
Store #43311630 U.S. Highway 51 SouthAtoka, TNfresh and localscript
Store #4377942 Winchester RoadMemphis, TNremixmillennium
Store #4383860 Austin Peay HighwayMemphis, TNfresh and localscript, neon
Store #4394264 Summer AvenueMemphis, TNfresh and localscript, neon
Store #4409025 U.S. Highway 64Lakeland, TNurban mix2012, Schnucks
Store #4512835 Kirby ParkwayMemphis, TNremix2012, millennium
Store #4527427 Goodman RoadOlive Branch, MSfresh and local2012, script, neon
Store #4537251 Interstate BoulevardHorn Lake, MSremix2012, neon
Store #4567615 U.S. Highway 70Bartlett, TNfresh and localmillennium
Store #4571230 N Houston Levee RoadCordova, TNremix2012, millennium
Store #4627265 U.S. Highway 64Oakland, TNfresh and localmillennium
Store #46311635 U.S. Highway 70Arlington, TNremix2012, millennium
Store #4643095 Goodman Road ESouthaven, MSurban mix2012, millennium
Store #469300 W Service RoadWest Memphis, ARfresh and localscript (block letters), unknown
Store #4782380 Mount Pleasant RoadHernando, MSMarketplacerebuilt on site of former millennium store
Store #4813685 S Houston Levee RoadCollierville, TNurban mix2012, millennium
Store #4861212 E Shelby DriveMemphis, TNremix2012, industrial circus (never remodeled by Schnucks)
Store #4883444 Plaza AvenueMemphis, TNurban mix2012 (rebuilt from neon)
Store #4892942 Kirby Whitten RoadBartlett, TNurban mix2012, Schnucks
Store #491799 Truse ParkwayMemphis, TNremix2012, Schnucks
Store #4993926 Goodman Road WHorn Lake, MSremix2012, Schnucks


  1. I know what you mean - Blogger really needs to add a table function! I think it would useful to many people other than those who want to compile lists of supermarket locations, otherwise you have to regenerate the table every time you want to add or remove a column/row (which is why I built empty rows into my list).

    Also, as I was looking through that list above, and after seeing all the extensive photos posted on flickr by everyone of the Greater Memphis area Krogers, I feel like I've shopped at some of these stores for years - and I've never even been to a Kroger, or Memphis!

    1. Smart! I'll have to be sure to do that with the next one.

      Well what's funny is I've never been in a Kroger in Memphis that I can remember all that well, and I live close enough! But yeah, enough pictures and especially nowadays 2012 décor and it feels like all the stores are becoming the same, so I kinda hoped the list would separate them. But I don't think I'll ever be able to get them straight in my mind!

  2. The store at 2942 Kirby Whitten in Bartlett has been remodeled to 2012 decor and is no longer Schnucks decor. They were finishing up their remodel not long after our former Schnucks Horn Lake store. It looks almost like an exact clone from what I remember last time I went in there.

    1. Awesome, thanks for the info! That store is one of the few it seems that hasn't been on flickr, so I wasn't sure. If I get a chance I'll update the post.

  3. Well, you're right about Blogger being somewhat tricky to get around in, but I think I got it figured out (a little!).

    I was going to say, the Horn Lake former Schnucks Kroger had Acme Theme Park style Albertsons décor originally. It was later "updated" (more like downgraded!) to Schnucks décor. Several of the original Acme Theme Park aritfacts were uncovered during the Kroger remodel in 2013.

    1. I still don't think I have, haha!

      Yeah, I think I've seen some of your pics of that. I didn't include it in the table for some reason though. Like I said, I'll update it when I have a chance!


    You can cross the Hickory Hill store off the list (closing next month)

    1. Yup! Thanks for the link. I mentioned that in my most recent post:

      I agree with that article, that might create another food desert...

  5. Here are the Kroger store numbers for the Memphis area stores:

    Division: 025 (Delta KMA)

    Store #288
    1977 South 3rd St, Memphis,TN

    Store #339
    6660 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN

    Store #387
    240 New Byhalia Rd, Collierville, TN

    Store #393
    8039 U.S. Hwy 51 North, Millington, TN

    Store #401
    4770 Riverdale Road, Memphis, TN

    Store #404
    465 Stateline Road West, Southaven, MS

    Store #405
    5995 Stage Rd, Bartlett, TN

    Store #411
    576 South Perkins Road, Memphis, TN (This store's set to close)

    Store #413
    2269 Lamar Ave, Memphis, TN

    Store #415
    1366 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN

    Store #419
    7735 Farmington Blvd, Germantown, TN

    Store #425
    2632 Frayser Blvd, Memphis, TN

    Store #430
    540 South Mendenhall Road, Memphis, TN

    Store #437
    7942 Winchester Road, Memphis, TN

    Store #438
    3860 Austin Pray Hwy, Memphis, TN

    Store #439
    4264 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN

    Store #451
    2835 Kirby Parkway, Memphis, TN

    Store #453
    7251 Interstate Dr, Horn Lake, MS

    Store #456
    7615 U.S. Hwy 70, Bartlett, TN

    Store #463
    11635 U.S. Hwy 70, Arlington, TN

    Store #464
    3095 Goodman Road East, Southaven, MS

    Store #469
    300 West Service Road, West Memphis, Arkansas

    Store #475
    2380 Mount Pleasant Road, Hernando, MS

    Store #481
    3685 South Houston Levee Road, Collierville, TN

    Store #486
    1212 East Shelby Dr, Memphis, TN

    Store #488
    3444 Plaza Ave, Memphis, TN

    Store #489
    2942 Kirby Written Rd, Bartlett, TN

    Store #491
    799 Truse Parkway, Memphis, TN

    Store #499
    3926 Goodman Rd W, Horn Lake, MS

    1. Addendum: I missed both the Cordova Krogers and a few others.

      Store #410
      676 North Germantown Parkway, Cordova, TN

      Store #426
      1675 North Germantown Parkway, Cordova, TN

      Store #440
      9025 U.S. Hwy 64, Lakeland, TN

      Store #452
      7427 Goodman Road, Olive Branch, MS

    2. Wow, thanks so much for those!! I definitely need to get around to editing this table and getting it up to date. This info will definitely help! :)


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