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The Mid-South Retail Blog and/or its content has had the privilege of being referenced in a handful of applications around the internet. Listed below are a few of the places where the MSRB made the news and/or was involved in other collaborations.

An official Stuckey's blog post sharing the story of blues musician Mississippi Fred McDowell's time working at the Stuckey's in Como, MS. Retail Retell was contacted by Stuckey's CEO Stephanie Stuckey, and both his flickr photostream and The Mid-South Retail Blog are credited alongside one of his photos.

An Emmy and Murrow Award-winning documentary film from Mississippi State University examining the ramifications of Kroger's closure in Clarksdale, MS, in 2018. Retail Retell was contacted and several of his photos are featured in the documentary, and The Mid-South Retail Blog is referenced in the end credits.

August 2019 -- The rise and fall of Coldwater's pride, Fred's Inc.
An in-depth analysis of the freefall of Memphis-based Fred's, written by Wayne Risher for The Daily Memphian. Retail Retell was contacted and interviewed for this article, and The Mid-South Retail Blog is referenced several times.

March 2017 -- Olive Branch Fresh Market delayed until Summer 2018
An article from the WMC Action News 5 website which uses an MSRB original photo. The photo was credited at some point, although the website underwent a revamp a few years after the article was written and appears to have dropped the courtesy reference to the blog in that time.

2017-2021 -- Southaven Towne Center - Big Boxes (link is no longer active)
The lease listing for the vacant Books-a-Million building in Southaven, MS, from The Shopping Center Group, which has appeared on their own website as well as on LoopNet, has used an MSRB original photo showing the store while operational ever since the space went on the market. The photo has never been credited, but it's cool to see it applied here regardless!

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