Sunday, February 17, 2019

How Goodwill Florida Wound Up in North Mississippi

Today's post highlights DeSoto County, MS, retail.

You guys know I don't normally post anything in the month of February - I take so long writing my posts, that the already-short month is long-gone by the time I finish one! (Yeah, that's it XD )  In all seriousness, though, this is indeed the first February entry I've posted since 2016... and the blog only started in March of 2015, so technically this is only the second-ever February I've posted during. For this one, I've got (what I hope you'll find is!) a very interesting subject matter, touching on a variety of stores, taking a broad-scale look at one organization, a much narrower-scale stour of one particular location of that organization, and tying it all together with a surprise twist. In keeping with my tradition of no February posts on the Mid-South Retail Blog, however... you're going to have to travel in order to read it. Specifically, I hope you're all prepared to take a trip to Florida! The My Florida Retail blog, that is, home to this special entry covering the story of How Goodwill Florida Wound Up in North Mississippi. Please click the picture below to be transported to Florida and to read this post!

If you have any questions, reactions, or other information you'd like to share in response to that post, feel free to do so here if you'd like, or you can leave your comment over at MFR as well. (Just know that I'm more likely to see your comment if you leave it here instead!) Until next time - when I'll have a full-scale entry to host right here at the MSRB, like usual - and as always, have fun exploring the retail world wherever you are :)

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