Sunday, March 17, 2024

Celebrating Nine Years of The Mid-South Retail Blog!


It's crazy to believe I've been at it for this long -- but today marks the ninth (!!) anniversary of the Mid-South Retail Blog! Huge thanks as always to those of you out there who keep coming back for new content, as well as those of you who have only just recently stumbled upon the site -- or heck, even those of you have only read it once, never to return. (In which case it'd be kind of pointless to address you directly in that sentence, given you've never returned, but go with me here.) While my content levels have ebbed and flowed, I'd like to think my posts and writing style have (on a majority basis, at least) mostly improved ever since that first St. Patrick's Day back in 2015. Why I chose St. Patrick's Day as the day to start the site, I have no clue, but it gives me an excuse to color the number in the anniversary graphic green, if nothing else :P  (Even though I forgot to include the graphic in last year's post... and keep using the blog's old logo for the graphic even though I've long since replaced it, lol.)

Since I mentioned last year's anniversary post: I wrote that one in such a rush that not only did I exclude the graphic, I also excluded pretty much everything but a quick thank you to all my readers and commenters. As you guys may know by now, the first quarter of the year is pretty difficult for me to try and find the time to write blog posts due to the commitments of my job; I do good enough just to (barely) stay on top of posting to my flickr page during that time! As of today, though, we're not too far away from the end of busy season, and I'm super excited to return to blogging once I have more free time... I've got several fun posts I'm itching to write, including one from out of state; one about a retail establishment that connects my hometown, my college, and Batman; of course the next post in my Fred's series, the first one to look at life post-Fred's; a guest post on another blog; and one in Tupelo, which I've actually already gotten half-written (among still many others waiting in the wings!). Suffice to say, while I may not be updating it anywhere near as frequently as before, I certainly have no intentions of letting this blog wither away on my watch. Please stay tuned for lots more in the future, even if it takes a little bit longer for me to get around to it!

Compared to my fellow retail bloggers' anniversaries, I don't post stats as much on mine; not because I do or don't care about the stats, but more so just because I'm lazy and don't want to compile them XD  I do, however, like to share a nice, condensed listing of all the blog posts I've written over the past year, so y'all can revisit some or check out any you may have missed as you please; and since I didn't include 2022's posts in last year's anniversary entry, I've got both 2022 and 2023 summarized for y'all below. And stat-wise, the one big statistic I will share is the blog's total pageviews over all time, which stand today at approximately 261,252. That's an increase of 112,433 over 2022's number of 148,819, which is way more than I expected over that two-year timespan: thanks again, everyone!

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022

June 2022

August 2022

November 2022

March 2023

May 2023
Kroger #259 - Atlanta, GA (guest post by Sing Oil Blog)

June 2023

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August 2023

September 2023

October 2023

November 2023

In addition to the fun of writing the posts, I do always enjoy engaging with y'all in the comments, so thanks to those of you who do that -- while at the same time I want to stress I also appreciate all readership, with or without comments! I also always welcome contributions to the blog, which you can send in via our email address at midsouthretailblog [at] gmail [dot] com; and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention collaborations as well, such as the AFB and Sing Oil Blog guest posts referenced above, or our combined post on MFR (also linked above). Like I said -- I look forward to sharing more new content with y'all here soon, and hopefully you guys will stick around for it as well! Until then and as always, thanks for reading, and have fun exploring the retail world wherever you are :)

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