Saturday, November 11, 2017

O Kroger, Where Art Thou? - Mississippi Listing

Hello everyone, and (for those of you reading this on the day it was posted, anyway) hope you're all having a very happy Veterans Day, especially for our servicemembers! I was planning on posting this next weekend... but the sooner the better, right? :)

You may recall that I recently promised you all some more spreadsheets... so here's one of them! As you can guess from the header image on this post, this table serves as a semi-continuation of my "O Kroger, Where Art Thou" series started back in the blog's early days. I was interested in making a list (to join my existing one of the Memphis metro stores) of all Kroger locations in Mississippi, so that's what you'll find below, complete with Delta Division store number, address, current décor, and additional notes (where applicable). So without any further ado, please enjoy! :)  (Last update to table - September 2nd, 2023)

Delta DivisionKroger Store AddressMississippi CityZIP CodeCurrent Décor Notes
Store #3454910 I-55 NJackson, MS39211Fresh and LocalPreviously Script
Store #3552340 Highway 15 NLaurel, MS39440RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful
Store #363201 Lonnie T Jenkins DrivePearl, MS39208RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful; only MS store that does not have a pharmacy; retains superstore exterior
Store #370602 N Davis AvenueCleveland, MS38732Fresh and LocalPreviously script décor
Store #381826 Highway 12 WStarkville, MS39759RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful
Store #3881811 W Government StreetBrandon, MS39042MarketplacePreviously Script; not actually a Kroger Marketplace
Store #404465 Stateline Road WSouthaven, MS38671RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful, Bauhaus
Store #4271829 Highway 45 NColumbus, MS39705RemixFormer Delchamps; previously 2012/Bountiful
Store #4291778 Highway 1 SGreenville, MS38701RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful; Former Delchamps
Store #434110 Keating RoadBatesville, MS38606RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful; Former Food World
Store #447930 Barnes Crossing RoadTupelo, MS38804Fresh and LocalPreviously Millennium
Store #4491167 Highway 49Richland, MS39218RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful
Store #4527427 Goodman RoadOlive Branch, MS38654Fresh and LocalPreviously 2012/Bountiful décor, and was also one of only two MS stores with a Little Clinic (which has since closed)
Store #4537251 Interstate BoulevardHorn Lake, MS38637RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful
Store #454104 Highway 72 WCorinth, MS38834Fresh and LocalFormer Food World; previously featured block letter version of script décor
Store #4643095 Goodman Road ESouthaven, MS38672Urban MixPreviously 2012/Bountiful
Store #4663408 Pemberton Square BoulevardVicksburg, MS39180MarketplaceBuilt on site of former Kmart; previously script décor; not actually a Kroger Marketplace
Store #471960 Main StreetTupelo, MS38801RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful; Former Albertsons
Store #472115 Colony Crossing WayMadison, MS39110ArtisanPreviously Script with Marketplace décor aisle markers
Store #4732013 University AvenueOxford, MS38655ArtisanPreviously Millennium
Store #474107 Highway 80 EClinton, MS39056MarketplaceNot actually a Kroger Marketplace; previously script décor
Store #4782380 Mount Pleasant RoadHernando, MS38632MarketplaceMississippi's first Kroger Marketplace; largest Kroger store in MS
Store #479110 Promenade BoulevardFlowood, MS39232MarketplaceNot actually a Kroger Marketplace, just remodeled to feature that décor
Store #4906745 S Siwell RoadByram, MS39272RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful
Store #4921070 Highway 51Madison, MS39110ArtisanPreviously 2012/Bountiful
Store #4931070 Spillway CircleBrandon, MS39047MarketplaceNot actually a Kroger Marketplace; previously script décor
Store #4947045 Old Canton RoadRidgeland, MS39157RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful; Former Albertsons and Brookshire's
Store #497143 Fresh and Friendly DriveFlowood, MS39232RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful; Former Albertsons and Brookshire's (road formerly named Albertsons Drive)
Store #4993926 Goodman RoadHorn Lake, MS 38637RemixPreviously 2012/Bountiful

I made this list over the summer, so there's a slight chance a few details may have changed since then, but personally I kinda doubt that anything substantial would have occurred in that short of a time period. But in any case, if you have any updates to add - or additional details for the notes section, especially regarding any store's history - please do let me know, either in the comments section below or by email at midsouthretailblog [at] gmail [dot] com!

Also of note is that, to date (November 2017), an impressive 14 out of these 31 total stores have been covered on flickr by l_dawg2000 and myself! :P  If you're a Mississippian and have pictures of one of these Kroger stores that we don't, then please feel free to share those with us as well via that same aforementioned email address - I'll be happy to post them here and the blog and credit you as you wish!

With all that said, that's all I have for you today. Again, as updates come in I'll do my best to keep this table updated, but I'm going to rely on your help for that. I have two more major tables left to share, and since they're related to each other I'll be putting them in the same post either this December or next January. Until next time, I hope you and your loved ones have a happy Thanksgiving holiday and break, and have fun exploring the retail world wherever you are!

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