Monday, October 19, 2015

Tanger Outlets Southaven Complete Store Listing Announced (Final)

Today's post highlights DeSoto County, MS, retail.
Sign installation progressing on October 20, 2015, one month prior to the grand opening of Tanger Outlets Southaven.

If you live in the area (and visit the blog), then this is the post you've been waiting for! Tanger Outlets has officially announced its grand opening festivities, set for the weekend before Black Friday this year, and along with it has finally released the complete listing of tenants, via WMC Action News 5.

An overhead schematic of the mall, looking eastward from I-55 down Church Road on the right side of the plans. Courtesy Fox 13 Memphis. 

The mall layout, as well as event features/schedule, can be accessed at the official Tanger Outlets Southaven webpage, Below is the list of stores in the center, which opened November 20, 2015, unless otherwise specified. Stores in italics were added to the official listing following the original announcement. Stores in bold indicate they opened following the grand opening. Stores whose names are struck through and indented from the remainder of the list have closed and no longer have a location at the mall. As of the latest update to this post (May 5, 2019), there are eight vacancies out of a total sixty-eight stores.

Abercrombie & Fitch
American Eagle Outfitters/Aerie
Ann Taylor Factory Store
     Annie's Boutique
Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perfect
Banana Republic Factory Store
Bass Factory Outlet
Carter's Babies and Kids
     Charlotte Russe Outlet
     Charming Charlie
Chico's Outlet
Christopher & Banks
Clarks Outlet
Coach (opened January 2016)
College Station
Columbia Sportswear Company
     Crocs Outlet
     Direct Tools
     Doc Popcorn
Express Factory Outlet
     Fabulous Boutique
Gap Factory Store
     Gift Wrappers
Girlie Girl Originals
     Go! Calendars (open seasonally; most recently winter 2017/2018)
Great American Cookies
GUESS Factory Store
H&M (opened April 2016)
Hannah's Dreams
J.Crew Factory
Johnston & Murphy
Kate Spade New York
Kay Jewelers Outlet
Kitchen Collection
Krispy Kreme
     Lasting Expressions
Levi's Outlet
     Lindt Chocolate
LOFT Outlet
     Love Pop Soda Shop
Lucky Brand Jeans
     Mia's Shoebox
Michael Kors
     My Phone Repair
Nike Factory Store
Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse
OshKosh B'gosh
Perfumes 4 U
Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store
Rack Room Shoes
Rise Pies Handcrafted Pizza
Samsonite Factory Outlet
Sunglass Hut
Sunglass Hut (originally slated to be a Sunglass Warehouse; perhaps a last minute second location...)
     Superior For Men
     Superior For Women
TAK Engraving
Talbots Outlet
     The Limited Outlet
     Thomas Kinkade's Art of Entertainment Gallery
Tommy Hilfiger
     ToysRUs Express
Under Armour
Uniform Destination
Vera Bradley
VF Outlet
     Vitamin World
White House Black Market
     Wilk's Dugout
Wilsons Leather

A look at the corner of Church Road and Airways Boulevard directly south of the Tanger Outlets site. The sign pictured is one of several in the area proclaiming retail development coming soon (Hutton stands to make a lot of money, it seems!). The particular corner pictured is to become the Southaven Station shopping center.
An early image of the concept site plan for Southaven Station. Retail listed is unofficial - while they may end up actual tenants, I think it's safe to say this was speculative pending deals and other factors with development. The southern anchor center has since been revised to feature hotels in place of additional stores. The updated site plan can be seen here.

Keep in mind that in addition to the outlets on the Tanger property, other retail is poised to sprout up around Church Road and I-55/69 in the future as well, most notably the Southaven Station development directly across Church Road at the southwestern corner of Church and Airways. Its design is based off of future interchange improvements by MDOT to alleviate the traffic situation - perhaps the only downside to the outlets, but a major one indeed!

A screenshot of proposed I-55/Church Road exit improvements, courtesy MDOT. Accessible online via WMC Action News 5.

l_dawg2000 posted a couple updates on the outlet construction earlier this year here on the blog - see his posts here and here. A fellow flickr member also posted photos from later in the year, which can be seen here. And don't forget that any of your photos of the construction or opening events (as people free as possible, please) can be sent to, to be posted here!

Until next time... have fun exploring the retail world wherever you are!

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Southaven Books-a-Million Reset

Today's post highlights DeSoto County, MS, retail.
Hey everyone! I'm back again, when I said I would be, with a new blog post - what a concept, lol! Today's post is a bit different in format than the previous ones... however, that's not to say that this blog has a set post format at all, since I have some other stuff planned as well. Anyway, carrying on: this summer, I posted pics of an old-school Books-a-Million in Lexington, SC, to flickr. In this photo, I mentioned that my local Southaven BAM - newer than the Lexington one, of course - had undergone a reset this year, and mentioned I had several pictures of it. Well, instead of posting them to flickr, I figured why not host them on my blog? That way, they don't take up my photostream, but they're still accessible: win-win, in my opinion!

Here's the outside of the Southaven Books-a-Million, as seen in late April of this year. The store is a standalone anchor of the Southaven Towne Center mall.
On May 18th, little reset work had been done - in fact, not enough to even make me register a full reset would be coming. The only change I remember was that humor switched from the right of my vantage point here to my left. I was taking this pic for a different reason - more on that later.
The rest of the store, looking towards Kids-a-Million and Joe Muggs, looked normal as ever...
...but one month later on June 18th, that view became a bit different! At least, from farther down this aisle, that is. The bargain books section, which was always (or at least as far as I can remember) to the left of this viewpoint, directly facing magazines along the back wall, had now moved into a rather cramped center aisle section across from Kids-a-Million, as in the Lexington store. I had thought that was an old layout thing, but apparently it was a new one!
What with the bargain books carving out a new home, several previous tenants of that area were displaced. Audio Books look to be confined to this rolling cart in front of the t-shirt display back center in the store, and they probably weren't the only ones!
In place of bargain books, shelving had been shuffled down, to become the new homes of the sections whose placards you see here. I think, anyway: it could be that these signs were left up when the shelves were moved, and that the space was to be filled with something completely different!
Ten days later, the staff was still working to complete the reset. Some sticky notes were left around the store, denoting what was to be done: take this one, for example, which says, "Add 1 unit this end. Shift manga. Adventure games added." Note that this is the same shelf seen in the first interior picture at the top of the post. Those shelves are home to manga (and apparently, adventure games), yet they never bothered to remove the aisle marker saying fiction/literature, poetry, and cliffs notes called that aisle home from an even earlier reset years before!
Here's an interesting new placement, courtesy of the reset: library classics right beside teen fiction. I doubt many teens would peruse the former, lol!
More empty shelving still present on June 28th. This is one of the aisles to the left of bargain books (well, left if you're looking at it from the left wall of the store, that is). Looks like cookbooks are on the other side of the aisle, but as you can see, no placards were up yet.
Bargain books themselves, though, were a different story! The display looks to be completely finished in this view. In the original view above, the tables were turned vertically; here, they're horizontal. With the newly constricted space, it seems like the crew were trying to figure out the best configuration here.
Another new shelving display, this one filled, in the former home of bargain books. There are scars on the carpet from the former layout of bargain books back here, but you can't see them in this photo, unfortunately.
Since the major work being done was on the other side of the store, you'd think that the sections on the right side near Kids-a-Million were safe, right? Well, I did too, so we were both wrong! Fiction/literature moved into the former biography section near Joe Muggs at the front of the store.
Good ol' Joe Muggs was the only area untouched by the reset, methinks. I suppose this being fiction/literature's new home makes sense (if nothing else does), since I'd hazard a guess that this is the most frequented section.
Last up, a bonus photo! This was a receipt I found in one of our books purchased from this store several years ago. The Books-a-Million and Joe Muggs logos are joined by those of BAM's other bookstores, Bookland and books&co. I was all prepared to write how those are now defunct, but upon doing my research, I discovered they both actually still exist, albeit in very few locations - not sure if they're on the back of receipts anymore, either. BAM also owns Yogurt Mountain, strangely enough!

This store calls the Southaven Towne Center home: I posted some pics of the rest of the mall to flickr today, and l_dawg2000 has an extensive album as well. Look for another blog post from me next month... until then, have fun exploring the retail world wherever you are!

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