Monday, October 19, 2015

Tanger Outlets Southaven Complete Store Listing Announced (Final)

Today's post highlights DeSoto County, MS, retail.
Sign installation progressing on October 20, 2015, one month prior to the grand opening of Tanger Outlets Southaven.

If you live in the area (and visit the blog), then this is the post you've been waiting for! Tanger Outlets has officially announced its grand opening festivities, set for the weekend before Black Friday this year, and along with it has finally released the complete listing of tenants, via WMC Action News 5.

An overhead schematic of the mall, looking eastward from I-55 down Church Road on the right side of the plans. Courtesy Fox 13 Memphis. 

The mall layout, as well as event features/schedule, can be accessed at the official Tanger Outlets Southaven webpage, Below is the list of stores in the center, which opened November 20, 2015, unless otherwise specified. Stores in italics were added to the official listing following the original announcement. Stores in bold indicate they opened following the grand opening. Stores whose names are struck through and indented from the remainder of the list have closed and no longer have a location at the mall. As of the latest update to this post (May 5, 2019), there are eight vacancies out of a total sixty-eight stores.

Abercrombie & Fitch
American Eagle Outfitters/Aerie
Ann Taylor Factory Store
     Annie's Boutique
Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perfect
Banana Republic Factory Store
Bass Factory Outlet
Carter's Babies and Kids
     Charlotte Russe Outlet
     Charming Charlie
Chico's Outlet
Christopher & Banks
Clarks Outlet
Coach (opened January 2016)
College Station
Columbia Sportswear Company
     Crocs Outlet
     Direct Tools
     Doc Popcorn
Express Factory Outlet
     Fabulous Boutique
Gap Factory Store
     Gift Wrappers
Girlie Girl Originals
     Go! Calendars (open seasonally; most recently winter 2017/2018)
Great American Cookies
GUESS Factory Store
H&M (opened April 2016)
Hannah's Dreams
J.Crew Factory
Johnston & Murphy
Kate Spade New York
Kay Jewelers Outlet
Kitchen Collection
Krispy Kreme
     Lasting Expressions
Levi's Outlet
     Lindt Chocolate
LOFT Outlet
     Love Pop Soda Shop
Lucky Brand Jeans
     Mia's Shoebox
Michael Kors
     My Phone Repair
Nike Factory Store
Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse
OshKosh B'gosh
Perfumes 4 U
Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store
Rack Room Shoes
Rise Pies Handcrafted Pizza
Samsonite Factory Outlet
Sunglass Hut
Sunglass Hut (originally slated to be a Sunglass Warehouse; perhaps a last minute second location...)
     Superior For Men
     Superior For Women
TAK Engraving
Talbots Outlet
     The Limited Outlet
     Thomas Kinkade's Art of Entertainment Gallery
Tommy Hilfiger
     ToysRUs Express
Under Armour
Uniform Destination
Vera Bradley
VF Outlet
     Vitamin World
White House Black Market
     Wilk's Dugout
Wilsons Leather

A look at the corner of Church Road and Airways Boulevard directly south of the Tanger Outlets site. The sign pictured is one of several in the area proclaiming retail development coming soon (Hutton stands to make a lot of money, it seems!). The particular corner pictured is to become the Southaven Station shopping center.
An early image of the concept site plan for Southaven Station. Retail listed is unofficial - while they may end up actual tenants, I think it's safe to say this was speculative pending deals and other factors with development. The southern anchor center has since been revised to feature hotels in place of additional stores. The updated site plan can be seen here.

Keep in mind that in addition to the outlets on the Tanger property, other retail is poised to sprout up around Church Road and I-55/69 in the future as well, most notably the Southaven Station development directly across Church Road at the southwestern corner of Church and Airways. Its design is based off of future interchange improvements by MDOT to alleviate the traffic situation - perhaps the only downside to the outlets, but a major one indeed!

A screenshot of proposed I-55/Church Road exit improvements, courtesy MDOT. Accessible online via WMC Action News 5.

l_dawg2000 posted a couple updates on the outlet construction earlier this year here on the blog - see his posts here and here. A fellow flickr member also posted photos from later in the year, which can be seen here. And don't forget that any of your photos of the construction or opening events (as people free as possible, please) can be sent to, to be posted here!

Until next time... have fun exploring the retail world wherever you are!

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  1. In the Southaven Station plan with the store names, what's that store below Dick's with the eagle logo? I don't recognize it, and I can't make out the name.

    And I don't know if it's just my computer, but it the first photo of this post supposed to stretch all the way to the right like that into the blue area?

    1. Field and Stream, if I remember correctly. Neither has a presence around here that I know of, so if either does come, that'd be pretty cool!

      No, it's not just yours - it's desktops in general. I had to keep it original size for it to show up correctly, because otherwise it kept showing up square! The good news is, it shows up fine on mobile :P

    2. I just looked up Field and Stream. They're actually a relatively new chain that was founded in 2013, and they're owned by Dick's as their more outdoors-oriented Bass Pro Shops style brand. I would have assumed the company was much older than that. Apparently the chain is looking to grow very fast, as they're looking to open 30-35 new stores on top of their 16 current ones by 2017, with this potentially being one of those 30-35 locations.

      And thanks for clarifying that with the picture!

    3. Oh cool, I didn't know that! Makes a lot of sense that they'd open right beside each other then. The latest design ditches the south retail for hotels (as you read), and also lists a grocery parcel in the acreage... thing is, I'd assume that would be one of those two large slots where Dick's and Field and Stream are now, but it's not marked on the building itself. An upscale grocery would be welcome in the county, but I'd bet one or both of those two stores would do really well in that location for male customers while their female counterparts shop across the street, lol. Who knows what will actually end up happening!

      You're welcome! Just another Blogger issue, as I'm sure you're all too familiar with...

    4. Managed to fix the picture! I suppose it must have been a Blogger issue just that night - as l_dawg would say, the wind must have been blowing the wrong way, lol. I also added another one to the post, of the corner where Southaven Station will be.

    5. I guess Southaven Station is still a work in progress. If the developers want a grocery anchor, they could probably squeeze one in by consolidating some of the empty smaller store spaces at the north end of the plaza, which might open up enough room for a grocery spot, or utilize that large outparcel at the top of the map. Although if they're trying to attract something smaller like Trader Joe's, The Fresh Market, or another small footprint high end grocer. then that empty spot right above Dick's would probably be big enough for a place like that.

      Blogger likes to be picky about everything. I've gotten used to a lot of the quirks, but I still find new issues from time to time. Yeah, it must have been a full moon or something the other day!

    6. Oh yeah, good point! I always forget that those high-end stores are considerably smaller than regular grocery stores, so I just kept assuming that it would be one of the larger anchor spaces, but you're right - those smaller spaces would do just fine, especially considering the new Trader Joe's in Germantown is only going to be 12,000 sq ft. The thing I don't understand is that in the plan I have posted, Dick's and Field and Stream are the same size and look to have an interior connection between the two, while the new plan on The Property Group's website has that gone and the square footage changing a little bit... but as you said, it's a work in progress!

    7. Whooo! My area is the first area to have something for a change. Makes sense though because Dick's is based out of Binghamton.

    8. Never mind. They were founded out of Binghamton....

  2. Thanks for the links here as well! Cool shot of the signs being installed, even if you couldn't get it to display correctly. Today they installed the signs on the towers on the Airways side, but I didn't go that way to try and get any photos. Maybe tomorrow... it's too much fun driving down the new Elmore Rd. logging truck path, LoL!

    Most of the stores listed don't really interest me all that much I'm afraid, but as stated on flickr I might end up here during opening weekend anyway. There should be an electronics outlet, not just a phone repair place! And some *real* food places, not just pretzels, cookies and chocolate :P Maybe some new restaurants will open in the area. (Ruby Tuesday, where are you!??)

    Looks like MDOT has drawn up extensive plans for the traffic issues, but I think these have been done for several years now. 21 years after they said I-55 would be widened all the way to Hernando, it's still not done :(

    1. You're welcome, and thanks for the compliment! Lol about Elmore :P

      Oh, I don't doubt that there will be a LOT of new restaurants and retail in the area in the future!! There's not much for me at the outlets either, though :(

      Actually, those plans appear to be dated February of this year! The question of when it will actually get done remains up in the air (or rather, its answer does!), but let's hope it doesn't take 21 years this time...!

  3. I guess someone at MDOT keeps busy updating those plans. I remember seeing the loop and the Airways realignment on their website a few years or so ago, but I think then Airways was just going to be dead end. They probably just keep piling on more driving lanes also!

    The Tanger Southaven page has been vastly updated since I last looked at it! Someone has done a lot of work on that store directory. We visited the Sieverville TN Tanger location back in 2011, and it was very crowded! They also had a Bose electronics outlet at that location back then (far from outlet prices there however). Just did a brief glance of that location on Google Maps and it appears they have many of the same stores present day that Southaven will have, but also some sort of tool outlet and a Chop House restaurant (whatever that is).

    1. Yep, I believe so for the adding driving lanes part: looks like four each way!

      I need to go back and check out the directory! I rushed myself through this blog post and haven't had a chance to go back on the desktop and explore the map since. You can get "directions" from one store to another on mobile, but on desktop you can just hover your mouse over each store to see what its tenant is (maybe some are vacant, even?). I think a lot of the Tanger Outlets have generally the same stores, with a few exceptions... around here I guess they thought not necessarily incorrectly that they needed to fill up the majority of the stores with tenants that cater primarily to women! Eh, that's alright though. I'm not much of an electronics or tool or hunting or sports guy anyway... I guess I'm out of options, lol!

  4. I like the newly announced/added stores! Now at least there will be a liitle variety (not just "chick shops". LoL!). A Toys-R-Us Outlet sounds promising, and I'll defintiely check out whatever that soda shop is. I don't care much/know much about for Crocs, but a lot of people go ga-ga over them (maybe I should check that out as well)! I'm a bit reluctant to tell Mrs. l_dawg about the calendar shop, since that means I'll be going with her to the grand opening for sure!

    I'm now planning to do at least 10 photo a day pics on flickr devoted to Tanger, possibly two entire weeks worth... I found my (blurry) early 2013 photo showing the original "Outlet Shops of the Mid-South" sign that was up at the location before Tanger signed on.

    1. I've been in the calendar shop before at Wolfchase - usually it calls itself calendars, books, toys, games, and more, so I'm not sure if this location will be too small to hold all the other stuff, or if they just didn't put the full title on the directory. Either way, that's one to check out, as are the rest. I actually looked it up yesterday, and that soda shop is a local store up in Memphis, and this (I think) will only be its second location. I imagine the "My Phone Repair" is locally owned too, lol!

      Looking forward to those! Does that pic also have the empty land behind it? It hasn't been too long, but I still already don't remember what it looked like before the development...

  5. I hope the local shops can make a go of it at Tanger. I remember seeing the Wilk's Dugout Wolfchase location, and a brief lookup on Google seems to indicate it's a growing regional chain. Nothing there that would interest me, but at least it's something else for the guys!

    I did crop the old sign pic to include a little bit of the surrounding area. I believe they started clearing off the land not too long before the economy went bad in 2008, but of course the development stalled out then. I also have another one I might post showing the area behind the Church Rd.Citgo station in early 2013, but it's hard to tell much in that photo either. Interestingly enough, I found an old web page that's still up (2014 copyright date, but I think it could be 3-5 years older than that!):

  6. Ah, that explains that then - when we went to Wolfchase recently I made sure to look out for Wilk's Dugout, and to my surprise found not one but two (!) locations within the mall, each with a different logo. Makes sense though since you say it's not a big national chain. Personally, I seemed to think they were, so maybe they'll benefit from others making the same mistake...

    Cool link! Kinda crappy how that whole "favorite fast-casual eateries" thing didn't really pan out though. As for the Citgo, I find it funny just how it's always been there all alone, and now is going to see a big boom in other (and I'm sure its own, too!) business. Even the Church Road expansion will be based on the Citgo's location: they'll be adding lanes on either side most of the way, but the Citgo's location kinda prevents that, so the road will shift just in front of the Citgo so that additional new lanes will be added on the south side to account for the lack of new lanes able to be put in on the north side by the station :P


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