Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sprouts Coming to East Memphis

Today's post highlights Shelby County, TN, retail.

Because my other post for this month was fairly short, I've decided to supplement it today with this other, equally short post. It's got some big news inside of it, though: Sprouts Farmers Market is officially confirmed to be taking over the lease at 576 S Perkins! As you might recall, this East Memphis space is near both Oak Court Mall and the now-demolished-Sears-turning-Nordstrom Rack, and formerly housed a Kroger that closed in early 2016 due to the presence of two other, larger Kroger stores within a mile. The store held an auction in June, which I attended and featured photos of on the blog at the time. Now, fellow blogger and flickr-er l_dawg2000 has sent me a few quick photos of construction already taking place at the site to turn it into a Sprouts store. (He didn't have the time to write the post himself, so he sends his apologies!)

Here l_dawg is approaching the store. As you can see, it's pretty small! The 28,000 square foot size kinda cramped Kroger's style, but should work just fine for Sprouts Farmers Market, which is more of a specialty organic/gourmet grocer than a traditional one. In fact, their own website touts the chain as a seller of "fresh, natural and organic groceries at incredible prices – and in an approachable setting that feels like an old-fashioned farmers market," hence the name. There's also a really cool interactive tour of a Sprouts store interior at that link, if you're interested!

A close-up shot of the store. Note how there already appears to be some construction work taking place on the roof just to the left of the main entrance façade. The Kroger sign is long gone, but the sign box for the Western Union sign remains. (For a picture - multiple pictures, in fact! - of how this store looked previously, both inside and out, please check out my flickr album here.) The overhang above the doors themselves looks to have been freshly removed - more on that later.

This view looks down the store's right-side wall, and shows how the property is situated right along some railroad tracks. The store is admittedly cut off here, but both l_dawg and I like this shot, haha! You can see the iBank-signed White Station Tower off in the background. I used that as a reference point in my blog post documenting the other two nearby Krogers that assumed this store's customer base after its closure, which you can visit here.

Finally, this last picture l_dawg sent in shows the store front-on, where we can see the lot is closed off by fencing. Some construction debris are already littering the parking lot, with Dumpsters located beside the store's entry doors as well. Somehow, though, the construction that was taking place on the roof has vanished from view, lol! I imagine the interior is being gutted also - and since all of the old Albertsons Industrial Circus décor from the Seessel's days (that survived during both Schnucks's and Kroger's respective reigns at this property) sold off during the auction, I don't feel as bad about that :P

It was rumored as early as September that this former Kroger, on the market for only three and a half months at the time, was a potential site for a new Sprouts store, which would become their third store in the area but first in Memphis proper. (Hat tip to blog commenter and guest contributor 11110 for first alerting me to that rumor, actually.) The rumor began to become reality as construction permits were filed in November and again in late December, as uncovered by the Memphis Business Journal, but Sprouts continued to deny (well, more like "neither confirm nor deny") that they were assuming the lease at the spot. I've still yet to see any confirmation from the chain itself, come to think of it, but the article I linked to at the top of the post (also shown at the bottom of this post for quick access) pretty well removes any doubt!

Speaking of the MBJ... not to call them out or anything, but I did want to feature this gaffe from a recent post of theirs regarding this store that I found humorous. The screenshot above is from an article published on December 29th, 2016, and as you can see, the caption to the picture notes that "[t]he blank green sign [above the doors] was recently added." The article itself goes further into detail, describing the recent installation of "what appears to be a future sign in a shade of Sprouts’ green — sans actually [sic] lettering — on the building." The trouble is, that's erroneous detail: that green curved overhang has been there for many, many years, likely ever since the current façade was installed on the building back in 1999! (As a matter of fact, the façade could potentially be even older than Albertsons' ownership of Seessel's, but I haven't been able to find anything definitive on that, and either way I digress...) Moreover, as was shown and mentioned earlier, Sprouts has already removed said green sign/overhang since the MBJ published that article. I don't doubt that a green sign will go on the building eventually... but that one certainly wasn't it! ;P

Screenshot of the leasing announcement, just for posterity. Courtesy

Anyway... that's what's happening at 576 S Perkins. l_dawg2000 has been keeping track of the nearby Sears saga, and suggested that he may get some more pictures of this store as construction progresses when checking up on the former, so keep an eye out for those to go up on the blog in the future as he gets them. And as always, until next time, have fun exploring the retail world wherever you are!

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  1. That was a neat little tour. Glad to see something going and reusing the old Kroger too.

    1. Yup, I found that a neat feature, too! And I agree! It could just as easily have been demolished and rebuilt into something completely different, knowing the area, so I'm glad about it staying intact (minus their alterations), also.


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