Tuesday, March 1, 2016

BREAKING: East Memphis Kroger Closure, Target Remodels (UPDATE: and Sears Replacement)

Today's post highlights Shelby County, TN, retail.

As predicted on the blog in December, and announced today by the Memphis Business Journals, among other outlets:

Kroger has confirmed the closure of one of its Memphis stores. 
Located at 576 S. Perkins Road, the East Memphis Kroger will close to the public March 26, 2016.  
“With three stores within a one mile radius in this area along Poplar Avenue, we have decided not to renew the lease at 576 S. Perkins,” said Teresa Dickerson, public affairs manager for Kroger Delta Division. “We believe, by not renewing the lease, we can better serve our customers at our nearby locations.” 
Kroger recently remodeled its Truse Parkway store, which is only one mile from the Perkins site, and the South Mendenhall Kroger is even closer.  
Built in 1964, the more than 28,000-square-foot supermarket was formerly a Schnucks. Kroger’s lease at that site will expire in May 2016. The 81 associates at the Perkins location will be offered positions at other local Krogers.  
The Cincinnati-based grocery chain is currently investing more than $118 million in the Delta Division market towards renovations and new builds. Kroger also closed a store at 3830 Hickory Hill Jan. 30, 2016.
A sort-of-simulated overhead view of the S Perkins Kroger, courtesy Google Maps

Additionally, Target will be investing in its East Memphis stores:

Both Target stores in East Memphis will undergo remodels.  
First up is the Target located at 601 Colonial Road. A spokesperson for Target Corp. said updates were planned for the “electronics and entertainment floorpad and Starbucks.” Work is slated to start May 30 and be finished mid-June. 
Next up, the 5959 Poplar Ave. Target near the Ridgeway Loop. Like Colonial, improvements are scheduled for the electronic and entertainment floorpad as well as to the Starbucks, but the overall renovation will be more extensive.  
An optical department will be added as well as self-checkout lanes in the front of the store. Construction should begin at the Poplar Avenue site in early July with completion in September. A building permit valued at nearly $500,000 was filed Feb. 19 for the store.  
UPDATE - The S Perkins Kroger is already on the market, up for lease through The Shopping Center Group; hopefully a new grocery tenant will move in and keep the Industrial Circus décor intact! Additionally, the longtime Sears location just nearby at the Poplar/Perkins intersection, closing in April, will officially be the home of Nordstrom Rack, as well as other retailers, in the future... but at the sacrifice of the Sears structure itself, it sounds like. You can read more on that here.

Yet more proof that for good and bad retail news alike, it's always good to keep a close eye on the MBJ - and another good time to note that by quoting their articles I'm only meaning to share the news and do no harm. Until next time, have fun exploring the retail world wherever you are...

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  1. When I seen the story about this Kroger closing, I immediately came to this blog to see if you had any information on it.

    It's unfortunate, but at least you got some pictures of it before it closed.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad to hear that! Made my day :D

      I agree that it's sad. What interests me the most - and I mentioned this on flickr, where I also did an upload pertaining to the closure - is that Kroger is backing out of this store due to an expiring lease agreement... except when in 2011 they did the Schnucks buyout, they were adamant about buying only the stores they could own, and leaving the leased stores empty. Turns out a total of three stores they "bought" were in reality leased - S Perkins, Union (which they probably do own now of course), and New Byhalia in Collierville, which they closed outright (http://m.memphisdailynews.com/News/Article/62063). My question is, if they were okay with taking on a leased location within a mile of two other Kroger stores, why did they not take on the Schnucks stores not near Kroger stores?

  2. Can look at my blog to see nutritional facts of food at Kroger, and other grocery stores.

  3. Replies
    1. My friend Albertsons Florida Blog actually alerted me to this the other day, but thank you for the link nonetheless! I'm currently waiting for them to upload the complete inventory... and I may try to get an item or two myself ;P


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